We want to hear from you

Fides has an Ombudsman for contact. You may register any complaints, charges, suggestions, thanks, compliments or even queries and questions related to the activities and conduct of the company or its staff. It is important to note that the Fides Ombudsman has a legal obligation to maintain confidentiality regarding the identity of complainants.

The Fides Ombudsman has a few channels for contact, this is one of them (see other channels below). Therefore, you can contact us here, online, at any time, including anonymously. For anonymous contact, simply leave the contact information section in the form below blank. We will receive your message and treat it in an ethical and serious manner.

About anonymous messages: exceptionally, as no contact details are left, no response will be given.  However, we guarantee that your query will be verified and the appropriate measures will be adopted internally.

Our commitment is to generate value for our employees, suppliers, service providers and especially for the community around us.

We want to hear from you: your opinion is important!

Other channels of the Fides Ombudsman:

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