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The Fides Mining

Fides Mining is a privately held Brazilian mining company based in Matupá (MT). Founded in 2012, today it includes under its brand the companies Fides Gold, Fides Mining and Fides Exploration, all linked to mining, working with a focus on mineral research and exploration (Fides Exploration), and gold mining, processing and marketing (Fides Gold and Fides Mining).

The Company owns a relevant set of mining rights with potential for gold and base metals in the mineral provinces of Alta Floresta and Tapajós.

What We Believe In


To positively impact society and the planet, generate prosperity, wealth and opportunities.


To become the largest integrated precious metals and base metal production group in the center-west and north of Brazil.

The name Fides originates from Latin and means “faith” and “trust”.

It is a name that reflects the attitude of shareholders, officers, managers and other employees, toward one another and the external public. This attitude is based on values that are rooted in the Company and its representatives, and so all of Fides’ actions must reflect to some degree one or more of its 8 values:

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Our Values


we must be honest, disciplined and build trust; we are not corruptible, we comply with rules and ethical principles.

People-Oriented Company:

we continually develop our staff. We respect diversity and believe that, regardless of gender, race, or sexual orientation, we are all equal.

Entrepreneurial Spirit:

we encourage our team to feel that they are a key part of the operation: from end to end, in an integrated way, being responsible for the results of the projects.

Innovative Mind:

we value restlessness, the will to make a difference and always seek continuous improvement and innovation in  administrative and operational  processes.

Communication and Transparency:

we stand for relevant, reliable and open communication.


acreditamos que empatia, o compartilhamento de ideias e ajuda mútua são fatores determinantes para um trabalho em equipe eficiente.


we are ecologically correct, economically viable and socially just.


we strive to not injure people and do no harm to the environment, even when doing so leads to financial loss or damage

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